Pomona Project

Here is information about growing plants that are attractive in your garden, and provide food for your table. We’re no longer selling plants, but there are many sources nearby and online.

Planting clinic and tips

Here are our planting guides (each is a PDF file):


More about edible landscaping

The late winter 2012 issue of our Roots & Sprouts newsletter had an article on edible landscaping. Liz Gourley gave a talk at the library in June 2012 about edible landscaping. She and others provided these resources:

Why “Pomona”?

Pomona - Town SealThe Pomona Project’s name was inspired by Pomona, the Goddess of Fruits and Gardens, who appears on the Town of Belmont’s official seal, a nod to Belmont’s agrarian past. Belmont was a major market garden center in the late 1800s, with many farms and fruit orchards dotting the landscape.