Local farms

Here is a list of local farms that produce food and other products that you can purchase. They are located in Belmont, in surrounding towns and in towns that border those towns.

Some farms sell only what they produce and some also sell food grown by others that may or may not be local. If that matters to you, be sure to ask for details. Some farms sell at stands on-site, some offer pick-your-own, some participate at farmers’ markets and some offer CSA shares (community-supported agriculture). Descriptions in the list come from the farms’ Web sites.

For farms further afield see see www.localharvest.org Know your farmer. Know your food.

Farms in Belmont

  • Belmont Acres Farm is a small farm run by a family. They offer CSA shares, and direct sales to local restaurants and markets. There is a farm stand on the property and a CSA.

Farms in our neighboring towns

  • Arlington & Lexington: Rad Urban Farmers promotes sustainable living in your own backyard.
  • Dudley: Farmer Tim’s Vegetables operates a weekly farm stand and CSA pick up in Belmont, MA from June to October. The farm is owned by a local Belmont resident, who began marketing his produce to neighbors and friends in Belmont. The farm now operates a farm stand location on-farm in Dudley, MA as well as the original farm stand in Belmont. Farmer Tim’s makes weekly donations to local food pantries and sells produce to a local food hub.
  • Lexington: Busa Farm has quality gourmet and heirloom vegetables and plants since 1920. Roadside stand and farmers’ markets.
  • Lexington: Meadowmist Farm is an integrated small farm that raises and sells grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured chicken and turkey, cage-free fresh eggs, and seasonal garden vegetables and berries.
  • Lexington: Wilson Farm is a large 128-year old farm in Lexington and New Hampshire. They sell produce, meats, fish, cheese, prepared foods and more.
  • Waltham: Waltham Fields Community Farm is a non-profit organization supporting farmland preservation, hunger relief and education. They have a CSA and offer a series of programs related to topics like hunger relief and local food.

Farms in our neighboring towns’ neighboring towns

  • Bedford: Chip-In Farm is a family-run farm with a free indoor/outdoor petting zoo, eggs from free-running hens, fruits and vegetables, and grocery and dairy products.
  • Boston: Revision Urban Farm is over an acre of abandoned lots turned into productive and vibrant farmland. it’s a community-based non-profit bringing good, fresh, locally grown food, to our underserved community of Dorchester.
  • Brookline: Allandale Farm calls itself Boston’s Last Working Farm. They offer a CSA, summer programs, a farm stand, a garden center and more.
  • Concord: First Root Farm has pick-your-own and a CSA on historic farmland in Minute Man National Historical Park. Part of a new farm incubator project, Battle Road Farms, an educational non-profit supporting and advocating sustainable agriculture.
  • Concord: Hutchins Farm is an organic farm with a commitment to sustainability. They sell fruits and vegetables that they grow, plus products from others who meet their standards.
  • Concord: Pete and Jen’s Backyard Birds is a a small-scale grower of pasture-raised, premium quality meat and layer chickens, pigs, some sheep, and a few rabbits. They emphasize a respect for the land and the animals.
  • Concord: Verrill Farm is a sustainable family farm on about 200 acres in Concord & Sudbury, about half of which is wild. They have a farm stand selling their produce, baked goods and other items to the public, and to local restaurants.
  • Concord: Yarrow Stalk Farm
  • Lincoln: Blue Heron Organic Farm features ecologically-sound farming practices at their organic farm. They sell produce and offer pick-your-own flowers and vegetables. They sell to local restaurants and donate to soup kitchens and shelters.
  • Lincoln: Codman Community Farm
  • Lincoln: Drumlin Farm is a real working farm and wildlife sanctuary. They have hayrides, wildlife exhibits, gardens, farm animals, camp programs, a CSA and more.
  • Lincoln: Lindentree Farm is a certified organic CSA farm that also supports a local food pantry.
  • Lincoln: Matlock Farm is the oldest family-owned working farm in Lincoln, offering horseback riding lessons, as well as premium hay and quality beef cattle for sale.
  • Lincoln: Raja Farm is a pasture based sheep farm providing high quality wool for handspinning fleeces.
  • Lincoln: The Food Project engages young people in personal and social change through sustainable agriculture. They focus on identifying and transforming a new generation of leaders by placing teens in unusually responsible roles, with deeply meaningful work.
  • Newton: Newton Community Farm is the last working farm in Newton, preserved as a community resource. The goal is to nurture a community that teaches and models sustainable agricultural and environmental practices.
  • Weston: Land’s Sake offers pick-your-own and a CSA, as well as a supper club that serves their own fresh food. They offer programs for adults and children and donate to local hunger-relief organizations.
  • Winchester: Wright-Locke Farm is operated by the Wright-Locke Farm Conservancy. They grow and market a few organically certified crops and maintain half a dozen historic structures on the property for educational and recreational programs.