Belmont Composts!

Belmont Composts! logoBelmont Composts! is a project of the Collaborative. It began in 2018 with the mission to reduce Belmont’s trash by increasing curbside composting. By sharing information and cooperating town-wide, we can ensure quality, low cost service for Belmont’s residents, schools, and businesses.

Do you compost at home? Great! Curbside composting is a new idea, and it can be more efficient then backyard composting because it can reach higher temperatures. Plus, it requires no maintenance or expertise and you don’t need a yard.

The curbside composting companies serving Belmont have different advantages for different kinds of customers. Read a summary of each program on the Belmont Composts! website.

The Belmont Food Collaborative also runs the Belmont Farmers’ Market and has a very active food assistance program. Please support us with a donation.

A backyard compost pile