Be Well Belmont

Be Well Belmont is a coalition of leaders in the Belmont community promoting healthy lifestyles through education about healthy eating and activity. For more information, see the Be Well Belmont website.

Goals and activities include:

  • Promoting healthier lifestyles
  • Reducing incidences of chronic disease
  • Offering programs relating to food and activity

The coalition brings together stakeholders from the schools, town departments and community groups to plan and coordinate efforts to improve the health of the citizens of Belmont. Through classes, programs and conferences, Be Well Belmont aims to improve knowledge about healthy eating and activity, increase access to opportunities for healthy eating and activity and promote participation in healthier lifestyles.

Street-crossing flag program in Belmont

Be Well Belmont is a sponsor of the Crosswalk Flags project
To increase the safety of pedestrians in Belmont, especially near our schools, Belmont is starting a crosswalk flag pilot program at four locations along popular school walking routes. The crosswalk flag program is a low-cost, low-tech tool designed to help increase pedestrian visibility and driver awareness in Belmont.