BFC logos

These are the official BFC logos. The Farmers’ Market website has the BFM logos.

Four PNG images

Choose the right size and pop them into any document you’re creating. Click on the image you want, and you’ll go to a page with that image. The big ones might not look as big as you expect, but make your browser window wider and they will.

The two smaller ones are probably sufficient, unless you’re making something big.

2918x1191 pixels

2918×1191 pixels

1459x596 pixels

1459×596 pixels

BFC logo 0306x126

306×126 pixels





Belmont Food Collaborative logo

100×41 pixels

702x286 pixels

702×286 pixels

PDF file

Download a PDF file with just the logo in it; it should open in Adobe Reader: BFC logo in PDF format

Adobe Illustrator

Ask Hal, Becky or Kim for the Illustrator original. But do you really need it?

BFC forms are available on another page.