Cooking classes: Spring 2018

Our mission: To share our passion for cooking meals at home with easy, authentic and delicious recipes, and fresh ingredients. We believe everyone can cook a great meal, and these classes will help you do just that.

Full details about classes are at the bottom of the page.

Eggplant Workshop

Eggplant can be intimidating if you have never cooked with it. Come to this workshop to learn about a favorite Mediterranean vegetable and explore a variety of ways to prepare it.

The menu: Eggplant in a light cherry tomato sauce, eggplant meatballs, eggplant salad, eggplants cutlets.

Eggplant meatballsEggplant saladEggplant cutlets

Date: May 21, 2018, 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Instructors: Carmen
Price: $50 + $10 ingredients fee
Location: Belmont
Participants: Minimum 6, maximum 8

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A Classic Menu

A great and easy-to-replicate menu for family Sunday dinners, or to entertain friends.

The menu: Pistou soup:  A traditional vegetable soup from Provence. Beef parmentier: A traditional French dish made with well-seasoned beef & mashed potatoes. Orange cake: flavored orange cake with crème anglaise.
Date: The date for this class has passed

Puff Pastry Workshop

Join this class to learn how to master puff pastry, making savory and sweet treats.

The menu: Pâte à choux, gougères (cheese puffs), profiteroles, stuffed choux with onions, pickles, bacon and arugula.
Date: The date for this class has passed

Language in the Kitchen – French

Combine your desire to cook while speaking French, as our Language In The Kitchen series continues with Sophistication, a simple but sophisticated menu to impress your guests.

The menu: Goat cheese aumonière (phyllo purse filled with goat cheese and chives), Fish blanquette with potatoes (light fish stew), Lemon tart (the classic French lemon tart  with its lemony flavor in a delicious pastry).
Date: The date for this class has passed

The Flamenco Tapas Party

Learn some easy recipes for small dishes inspired by Spain’s favorite way to snack and socialize: Tapas! From authentic to reinvented, cultures collide with flavor and gusto with this menu.

The menu: Vegetarian Empanadas (homemade pastry dough filled with spinach, goat cheese, studded with raisins and pine nuts, smoky stuffed baby potatoes (with cheese and roasted pepper salsa), artichokes, leeks and roncal cheese on toast.
Date: The date for this class has passed

About our instructors

Carmen Conte Sivers is a Belmont mom eager to share her passion for Italian food. She is an Italian teacher and a native of the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Françoise Matte moved from France 15 years ago, loves to cook, try new recipes, eat and share meals mostly of French inspiration. She founded three cooking clubs and offered cooking classes for many years. Cecile and Francoise run French In The Kitchen cooking classes, dedicated to food lovers.

Cecile Penot, a French native from Paris and a foodie forever, has always been addicted to cooking and sharing her passion for it. She loves entertaining and preparing fresh simple meals for her family and friends and has been offering cooking classes for a long time.

Deanna Witter is a Belmont parent of two who is passionate about food, language, music and teaching. Among other hats, she is a private caterer, chef, culinary instructor and also a writing tutor for a local community college. She recently graduated from Lesley College with a degree in English and education but even her Capstone there centered on the cultural and educational values inherent in culinary instruction.

Instructors. Left to right: Cecile Penot, Anne Saint-Ourens, Carmen Conte Sivers, David Baxley, Claudia Levi Brizzolara, Ludovica James, Kathy Chandrakasan and Sripriya Narasimhan.

Left to right: Cecile Penot, Anne Saint-Ourens, Carmen Conte Sivers, David Baxley, Claudia Levi Brizzolara, Ludovica James, Kathy Chandrakasan and Sripriya Narasimhan.

Information for these classes
Location: Varies.
Cost: Varies. Payable with credit card or PayPal.
Ages: High school students and adults.
Equipment. Hands-on classes. Bring an apron and your favorite knives (packed safely). Bring plastic containers to take food home (if you don’t eat it in class).
Policies. See our Program Policies page to learn about cancellation and waiting lists.
Registering for someone else? On the confirmation page after you register, click  “Registering for someone else” and send us a note through our website (if that works).
• Confirmation and phone numbers. We’ll send you a confirmation email, and please reply if we ask you for a phone number. We may need to contact you quickly.
Instructors. See the bios above.
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