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Today’s harvest, last year’s Pomona purchase

Our Pomona Project helps people get inexpensive plants that bear fruit (or tubers or other edible delights).

Here are some strawberries that a customer planted last year and harvested today. Watch for Pomona sales in the winter for next year’s harvest.

Today's harvest, last year's Pomona Project purchase

Today’s harvest, last year’s Pomona Project purchase

And don’t forget that the Belmont Farmers’ Market opens next week: June 11, 2015.


Planning the 10th Farmers’ Market season

January is when we start thinking about the next Farmers’ Market season. It doesn’t start until June, but there’s a lot to figure out.We’ve already heard from some vendors who are interested in participating.

The Belmont Food Collaborative has many other activities, some of which run in the winter (like classes) and some in the summer (Community Growing). And don’t forget about the Pomona Project: we sell edible landscaping plants at wholesale prices.

Can you help with the Market, or other activities? We’re always looking for performers, vendors and (of course) volunteers.

And shoppers, too. Look for news about the start of the 10th season.

Pomona planting guides

While you’re waiting for spring, read our Pomona planting guides. If you placed an order, you’ll get email about delivery dates and the workshop.