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Beth El Temple Center garden

This was “Mitzvah Day” at Beth El Temple Center, where the congregation members did a mitzvah (good deed) in the community. One of the many projects was planting the Community Growing beds on the Temple Grounds.

Do you want to help? Volunteer to help weed and water in some of our gardens, where we grow produce for the Belmont Food Pantry.


Planning the 10th Farmers’ Market season

January is when we start thinking about the next Farmers’ Market season. It doesn’t start until June, but there’s a lot to figure out.We’ve already heard from some vendors who are interested in participating.

The Belmont Food Collaborative has many other activities, some of which run in the winter (like classes) and some in the summer (Community Growing). And don’t forget about the Pomona Project: we sell edible landscaping plants at wholesale prices.

Can you help with the Market, or other activities? We’re always looking for performers, vendors and (of course) volunteers.

And shoppers, too. Look for news about the start of the 10th season.

Food donations in 2013: Financial donations

Recent posts show how the Belmont Food Collaborative (BFC) works with other groups as part of our Food Assistance program. We also make financial donations to help those in need.

Please help us continue programs like these. Make a tax-deductible donation to the Belmont Food Collaborative.

  • SNAP matching. The Belmont Farmers’ Market matches SNAP benefits (formerly food stamps), up to $25 per shopper per Market day. In 2013, we matched $1898 in SNAP benefits, helping many families take fresh nutritious produce and other local products home to their families.
  • Belmont Food Pantry. BFC donated $1000 to help the Pantry support those in need, right here in Belmont.
  • Belmont Area Gleaners. We gave $935 to this group: $450 as a donation, and $485 to support their deliveries to the Belmont Food Pantry. They glean produce from farmers’ fields that would otherwise go to waste.

Food donations in 2013: Community Growing

Another part of our Food Assistance program is growing produce for the Belmont Food Pantry through our Community Growing program. Here’s some of the late-summer harvest.

September 2013 harvest from Community Growing

September 2013 harvest from Community Growing

That’s nice to see on a snowy day like today!

Community Growing

The Community Growing project is up and running for 2013. Belmont’s Beth-El Temple Center has generously give us space for four raised beds. We’ll be growing produce for the Belmont Food Pantry.

As the season progresses, we’ll post photos and stories here.


And remember, it’s called COMMUNITY Growing. We’d love to have help from members of the Community. Click the Contact Us link and send a message if you’d like to help. You don’t have to be a master gardener, you just need some free time.