BHS Garden Growing in Labor Day Heat


Despite the heat of this past Labor Day weekend, the BHS Garden is growing well. The tomatoes are slowing down a bit, but are still plentiful, and new eggplants seem to be coming in every day. With school starting at the High School this Wednesday the garden is still in the height of late summer.



Earlier this month the broccoli plants were picked clean of their thick green leaves by the geese who live around Clay Pit Pond. After a week or so of a skeleton-filled bed we decided to replant it, but kept one of the healthier plants out of curiosity. Now, it is growing strongly, even more so than before. Although it would’ve been nice to have a full bed of these broccoli, it was a large risk to take since it took several weeks to grow back, and either way, the beans and lettuce we planted are now coming in.


Besides geese, it’s now safe to assume that rats have also been frequenting the garden. We found one dead in the beet bed today, although we haven’t noticed any other signs of them.


The BHS Garden had a lot to provide for The Belmont Food Pantry last Tuesday, including tomatoes, eggplant and beets. The peppers, zucchini and some of the tomatoes were donated by Belmont Acres Farm.



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