Community Growing: Garden Predators and Successful Harvests


The BHS Garden, part of the Community Growing Project, faced its first predators earlier this month when the geese that live around nearby Claypit Pond quickly cleared out the broccoli bed. Fortunately, the majority of the plants, about fifteen heads, had already been harvested. With nearly all the leaves removed from the plants and little chance for regrowth, we decided to replant the bed. Belmont High Seniors Charlie Smith and Maggie O’Brien helped rip out the broccoli skeletons to make way for bush beans and red lettuce.   



To prevent future predators, a fence was put around the tomato, lettuce/bean, and beet/bean beds. The eggplant in the fourth bed has been largely ignored by the geese and other animals, likely due to it’s prickly stems and leaves.

DSCN1491 DSCN1506

Despite issues with predators, we were able to harvest a large amount of tomatoes and beans from both the High School and Beth El Gardens. This produce was delivered to the Belmont Food Pantry, along with lettuce, corn and squash from the Boston Area Gleaners



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