Food for Free needs help in their Field of Greens farm

Field of Greens, a program of Food for Free, is accepting volunteers for the 2014 growing season!

Field of Greens is a ¼ acre farm located at Lindentree Farm in Lincoln, MA, located about 30 minutes outside of Boston. Farmer Ari Kurtz has donated his land, seeds, the use of his tractors, and his extensive organic farming knowledge to us every year since the program began in 1991.

Field of Greens grows a variety of greens, cabbage, and root vegetables. All of the produce we grow is donated to Boston area hunger relief agencies, and nearly all of the work in the fields is done by volunteers. This work includes everything from planting and weeding to harvesting and preparing for distribution. We work Wednesday mornings from May through November, or until there are no more crops in the field.

If you are interested in volunteering with us this season, please email and we will send along details. And feel free to share this email with other pertinent listservs/interested friends!

Food For Free, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, rescues fresh food—food that might otherwise go to waste—and distributes it within the local emergency food system where it can reach those in need. Through a combination of food rescue, farming, and transportation services, we give food programs year-round access to fresh fruits and vegetables, while our delivery program brings food directly to isolated seniors and people with disabilities.


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