Farmers to You: New in Belmont


Eating locally can be a challenge in the middle of a New England winter. With the growing number of winter farmers’ markets and deep winter CSAs, however, it’s possible to continue enjoying fresh, regionally-produced food even in this cold, snowy winter.

A new year-round option for Belmont-area residents is Farmers to You , a farm box program that participated in our Fall & Winter Farm Share Fair. Farmers to You is a regional partnership of families, farmers, and producers that allows families to select their order weekly online, then delivers to a central pick-up location (or, for a fee, to your home or office). Ordering options range from seasonal produce  (like beets, celeriac, dried beans, greens, and potatoes), to Vermont cheese, meat , and bread .

Rachel Greenberger, an enthusiastic local Farmers to You partner, shared her experience with their service:

“My husband and I have been a partner family for a year and a half, but it feels a lot longer, in a really great way. I’ve been surprised by just how much I love them and want to support them in any way I can, beyond being a constant customer. Before starting with Farmers to You, I largely shopped at Whole Foods. I’d do my best to get to farmers markets and the Somerville Winter Farmers’ Market, but sometimes for scheduling reasons it was just too much of a hassle. With Farmers To You, my weekly “basket,” updated by midnight on Sunday, is the sun around which all my supplemental grocery shopping orbits. Everything they bring us is so delicious. “

Belmont High School is one of their newest pickup locations – but needs more families to join to program to continue the service. Interested? You can explore and sign up online.


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