Food donations in 2013: Boston Area Gleaners

The Belmont Food Collaborative supports Boston Area Gleaners as part of our Food Assistance program. They harvest left-over produce from farm fields and deliver it to food pantries and shelters.

Gleaning kale in Lincoln

Gleaning kale in Lincoln (including one of our BFC Directors)

They delivered 2,765 pounds of food in 79 cases this year to Belmont Food Pantry.

Overall, here is what they did in 2013:

  • 72,429.75 pounds harvested (as of Dec 12, 2013, with more to come!)
  • 2,155 total bushels
  • 33.6 avg. pounds/bushel
  • 805 avg. pounds/trip
  • 40 different crop types (not including varieties of crops, eg types of tomatoes, etc)
  • 26 different farms have donated
  • 16 different pantries/hunger relief organizations have received food
  • 322 total volunteer attendance
  • 146 unique volunteers
  • 5.6 avg volunteers/trip

The most produce has been donated to Food for Free, Greater Boston Food Bank, and Jewish Family and Children’s Service in Waltham; other top recipients include Salvation Army of Waltham, Medford Community Cupboard, Belmont Food Pantry, Helping Hand Food Pantry of Cambridge, Lexington Food Pantry, Arlington Food Pantry (not in any order).

Top 5 farms, donated by bushels: The Food Project (Lincoln, 275) Siena Farms (Sudbury, 260), Kimball Fruit Farm (Pepperell, 256), Dick’s Market Garden (Lunenburg, 204), Waltham Fields Community Farm (171).

Top 5 farms donated by weight: Kimball Fruit Farm (9,920), Dick’s Market Garden (8,765), The Food Project (8,398), Gore Place (Waltham, 6,325), Connemara House Farm (Topsfield, 6,325).

Names in italics are agencies that BFC works with, or farms that participate in our Farmers’ Market.


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