Garden Update and Summer Gardening (July 14, 2013)

A month into our Community Growing project at Beth El Temple and the garden is growing strong! This summer we’ve started out with tomatoes, swiss chard, eggplant and zucchini. We’ve since filled the last bed with sweet potatoes, which are not proving as successful as the others, but have been given a second chance. Green beans will be their replacement if the sweet potatoes don’t improve.

Community Growing: The garden on July 13, 2013

Community Growing: The garden on July 13, 2013

With this summer’s garden we hope to have a reliable and diverse crop of vegetables. Swiss chard, although not as familiar as lettuce or spinach is a nutritious and delicious substitute. In addition to its benefits in the kitchen, it is a hearty plant that has a long season and will withstand varying temperatures. Zucchini is another resilient vegetable, flourishing soon after planting and before long is ready for harvest. Eggplant is often overlooked in backyard gardens, but also makes a great crop and has plenty of varieties in the kitchen. Sweet potatoes are another (usually) cooperative and manageable plant that makes a delicious variety of summer dishes. Although they are more difficult to grow, tomatoes are similarly a summertime favorite and are one of the most popular backyard garden vegetables.

As the garden gets busier we are still looking for volunteers to help out! Send a message if you’d like to lend a hand.


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