Fall & Winter Farm-Share Fair

Winter CSA Fair

The fair was held on Tuesday, October 22

Attendees learned a lot from the vendors, and many signed up for winter shares.


Here is the description of the fair we held
With summer behind us, it’s time to embrace a whole new season of delicious local food. Discover the variety of foods available for the cooler months and sign up for a winter CSA share at the first-ever fall & winter farm share fair. (More information about CSAs.) Sample new foods, get to know area farmers and food producers, and support local agriculture, too.

If you’ve always thought that early fall means the end of the harvest, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the abundance of local food available in winter. In addition to cold-weather favorites like apples, carrots, potatoes, and winter squash, you can also expect to find salad greens, beans, garlic, onions, meat, and seafood. A winter CSA is also a great way to try something new: CSA staples like winter radishes, salad turnips, and celeriac are unusual and delicious.

You can expect to meet people representing a variety of CSAs, including traditional single-farm programs, multi-farm CSAs, meat CSAs, meal CSAs, and farm box programs.

Participating CSAs and farm share programs include:

Boston Organics
Cuisine en Locale
Enterprise Farm
Farmer Dave’s CSA
Farmers to You
Fay Mountain Farm
Red Fire Farm
Shared Harvest CSA
Something GUD
Stillman’s at the Turkey Farm
Waltham Community Farm